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Sudan China Exhibition

From 10th t0 13th of March 2017
Guest of honor: Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Gaz

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About the Exhibition


Sudanese Chinese forum conference

  • The Exhibition will be held on 10th to 13th of March 2018
  • it's going to be at the Exhibitions Area - Buri (Khartoum International Fair).
  • Under the patronage and honor of the Assistant President of the Republic: Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Gaz
  • And also Sponsored by The Council For International People's Friendship.

    Important Purposes of the Exhibition:

  • The Republic of Sudan is considered one of the countries that rich with wealth of resources and products due to its geographical location, territorial capacity and distinctive location at the map of African countries, which is considered by all to be the gateway to Africa.
  • There are many and large resources which is very tempting, such as agricultural resources, oil resources and mining resources, the presence of these resources encourages the investor to invest in Sudan.
  • People's Republic of China is one of the most advanced countries in the field of industry, which occupies a prominent position in the world among the major industrial countries due to the spread of its products, and therefore can be used in this important vital field.

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Special and general objectives of the exhibition:

Korkomaz company growing up well through its specialization in organizing international events such as exhibitions, conferences and forums for logistical support in all fields, as well as historical participation in carrying the national responsibility, foremost of which is economic priority to support economic stability and national output.

  • Strengthen partnership with the People's Republic of China in various economic, diplomatic and political fields.
  • Benefiting from and developing positive experiences.
  • Work to find solutions that contribute to build a healthy economy.
  • Introduce and discuss all investment aspects that related to investments and investors.
  • Exhibitions and media have an important role to play through confronting the competent and concerned parties.

Target Audience:

  • Ministries of Agriculture and forestry - Industry - Trade - Oil, gas and petroleum - Mining - Science and communications - Livestock and fisheries - Transport and communication - Culture and information, Finance and economic planning, council of ministers, Investment , Ministry of health - Governmental and private companies, operating in various agricultural fields - banks and insurance and safety companies.
  • Chinese International commercial center.
  • Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs can assists through the Chinese Administration affairs in circulating the invitation through our Embassy in the People's Republic of China to all competent authorities from commercial and industrial chambers and competent and concerned parties.
  • Chinese Embassy in Khartoum.
  • Industrial and commercial champers.

Media Program:

  • Expanding knowledge through this forum globally through international institutions and the role of the state and society in broadcasting the media spirit with appropriate moral support and promotion of the event globally. And event publicity by major companies to cover expenses.
  • Linking the Sudanese media with the Chinese media to publicize the event.

Expected Results:

  • Attract financial and economic investments and providing opportunities.
  • Creating an attractive investment climate and working to find solutions to all problems related to the investor.
  • Activate the financial movement within economical organization.
  • Flow of Chinese investments and products which made from Sudanese resources and provide all citizens' requirements.
  • Processing of all issues that facing infrastructure.
  • Benefiting from Chinese experiences through workshops and training courses and raising the efficiency of all working cadres such as workers, employees, agricultural engineers and students.
  • Enhance ties and partnership between the two countries.
  • Access to the latest technological advances.