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International Mining Exhibition Sudan

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International Mining Exhibition Sudan

  • The International Mining Exhibition - Sudan (first tour). IMES
  • The Exhibition will be held on 3th to 6th of October 2016 (4days).
  • it's going to be at the Exhibitions Area - Buri (Khartoum International Fair).
  • There would be (exhibition - pictures - documentary films - models - maps - short training course - workshops.

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Purposes and Objectives of the Exhibition:

  • To spread wide information through organizing the exhibition and in communicating with business colleagues in order to introduce Sudanese mining wealth and business.
  • To review the development which hanppened in infrastructure and in all sectors as well, so participants and visitors can have a real impression about the mining sector in particular and different investment sectors in general.
  • To organize training courses and economic conferences in which participate academics, geologists and experienced actors in mining field.
  • To attract investors and their investments, as exhibitions and information are the effective means and important step when addressing investors.
  • To extend bridges, strengthen economic ties, and assess foreign cooperation.

Parties Targeted by the Exhibition:

  • Ministries of Mining, Investment and Trade.
  • Great mining companies, companies specialized in the mining field such as: consultant, serving, geological survey, geological designing, exploring and remote sensing, digging equipment supplying, chemical laboratories, banks, insurance, investors and businessmen, universities and colleges specialized in minning and geology.

Expected Result:

  • Attracting global investment by providing better opportunities.
  • Provide mineral exploration techniques.
  • Refine the sudanese experience geologists.
  • Transfer of expertise to this mining sector in the survey, extracting and through corporate pavilions and stages, most roads and drilling monitoring maps and risk reduction.
  • Detention of the Sudan as a major country full of resources.
  • Enhancing awareness of the importance of world partnership.
  • Submit the finding of mining technology.